Even mild winds can cause major turbulence on your shoot, so what happens when you’re feeling fierce–when you’re ready to set up a killer, on location shot that’s been framed in your mind since you started this whole gig? Nothing about this shot you’ve thought up is calm or boring. You’re looking to capture a touch of mother nature’s chaos–the stuff of life! We want valiant photographers everywhere to take that next step in fulfilling their unique vision.

Working through breezy conditions is just one area where SaberStrips are incredibly effective. Our solidly constructed strip light expands outdoor shooting possibilities by freeing photographers from older, less adaptable lighting techniques. Because most conventional lighting modifiers are best suited for indoor spaces with absolutely still air flows, we suggest a tool that utilizes less surface area and will “stand up” to winds without a lot of extra support. The streamlined SaberStrip adapts to breezy conditions because of its narrowness and cylindrical construction–all while maintaining your conception of a beautifully lit image.

By drastically revising (or adding to) your options of umbrellas or softboxes, the SaberStrip gives the photographer more room, more freedom to roam and discover the world with their lens. Now a perfect day for wind-driven water sports is also a great day to get an ideal shot. No more fluttering softboxes, collapsed umbrellas, and dozens of heavy weights to hold down light stands. And when you do need to break out the sand bags to weigh down your SaberStrips we’re guessing that you must truly need or want the shot.  Being able to shoot where you want and when you want – well, that’s just awesome!

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