Videos of SaberStrip in Action

Zack Arias and Jason Groupp aren’t afraid of a little competition. To prove it, they went head to head, and lucky for us they put together a video showdown. Zack brought along his SaberStrip, taking it to the streets for a glory-bound shooting battle. Later Groupp and Arias make things a little more interesting, going old school and covering the viewer on their cameras, shooting blind. Check out the video and decide for yourselves who you think should have won!

See the final images here:

Light Fight 2010. Arias vs. Groupp from Jason Groupp on Vimeo.

Mikey from Lightupandshoot took the SaberStrip to Columbia to capture some of the energy of parkour athlete, Paul Andrews. Included is a mini tutorial and a few inventive ways to use the SaberStrip in action shots. Stay tuned until the end to catch Mikey and Paul’s guitar jam as well as some of the photographs from this adventure.

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