Strobox Contest Results

Strobox contest winner

Winning image from Strobox / SaberStrip contest

Photographer: Sonny Larsson, Make-up: Dorion Chang, Model: Joakim Jonsson

In July we ran a contest in collaboration with and received over 100 entries.
The criteria was simple:

  1. Shoot a Portrait
  2. Use a strobe
Judging such a contest can be tricky, mostly because of the variety of really good quality images. We treated this in a similar manner as we would treat any shoot. Gather the images in Lightroom and turn the lights out while flicking from one image to another.
Round 1 is a simple yes or no. It either grabs you or it doesn’t. Those that don’t, flag them as a “Reject” (such a harsh word for good work)
Next there are the thinkers; those images that hold your attention a little while longer. They get a “Pick” flag. Now using the filters you can easily view those that made the cut. We managed to select 10 images using this method which you can see below.
From those 10 there were 3 strong images that both fit the criteria and warranted a closer look. Finally we picked the winning image above, by Sonny Larsson.

The remainder of the top ten, in no particular order:

Daniel Jester
Daniel Chorup
Alexey Rybakov
Tim Colston
Daniel Jester
Michał Dziąbek
Michael Cardwell

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