SaberStrip in Calgary

Saturday 8th October, 3.30pm

While small flash or “Strobist” photography benefits from being able to use many small light sources in an environment, you’ll invariably find yourself slave to soft box or umbrella type modifier systems. These modifiers may prove invaluable in many scenarios, however they can also limit your shooting style. The next level of small flash photography is a system that is portable, lightweight, modular, and maintains beautiful light output.

Join SaberStrip creator, Scott Krebs and SaberStrip Pro, Bryan Leighty for a casual and creative hands on demonstration of the SaberStrip light modifier. Get in close and have all your questions answered about these unique small strobe lighting modifiers.

If you are already using small strobes off camera or are simply thinking about how you might improve your lighting skills, you are welcome to attend this event. You will learn how to use modifiers to shape and mold the light from your strobes and Bryan will show how he approaches the shoot before setting any lights.

There is no charge but seating is limited so please use the register button to save your seat. Please arrive promptly as the Terrace Gardens is a secured facility and entry may not be possible after the event starts.

Location: The Clubroom On the 6th floor of the
Terrace Gardens on Sixth
727 – 6th. Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0V1
Time: 3.30pm – 7pm


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Bryan Leighty
Bryan has been behind a camera for many years of his life, mostly the simple point-and-shoot variety. When he stumbled upon the world of off-camera flash his eyes were opened to what a small budget photographer could do to create truly professional, high quality images. He is very active in the local off-camera (Strobist) scene where other photo-enthusiasts meet up, share ideas, and help improve their technical and creative approach to flash photography. If he is not behind a camera, chances are Bryan is out kite surfing somewhere on the Tampa Bay.

Scott Krebs
Scott became inspired by photography more than twenty-five years ago. Piqued by the possibilities of images, he took darkroom classes during the evenings, which began the curvy path that grew into a rewarding career. Graduating from high school yearbook photographer to a full time career in photography. It was his experience with Photoshop classes at the Ringling College of Art and Design that developed into an opportunity with an engineering firm where he rose from draftsman to become the head of the electrical department.
He now regularly uses programs such as Autocad, Microstation, AGI32 and Solidworks, working as a senior electrical designer at Hatch Engineering in Tampa. Through years of experience with 3D models and lighting design Scott was able to conceive and develop the SaberStrip as a solution to several problems posed by the current light modifiers offered on the market today.

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