Bob Croslin on SaberStrips

Tampa based editorial photographer, Bob Croslin got hold of some SaberStrips recently and managed to put them to use for a shoot he did of Vegan Black Metal Chef, a YouTube sensation, for the culture section of Time magazine.

In Bobs setup image you can clearly see one of the many benefits of using a Saberstrip. There’s simply no space for a traditional sofbox.

Bob typically uses Profoto strobes and the accessories required to modify them. For this shoot, they simply did not fit. Knowing when to use large strobes or small strobes (if you have a choice) can give you a great advantage. Having the right modifiers to create your light is critical.
SaberStrips can go where no other modifiers can go but can also be moved very quickly to create variations of the same photo shoot.

For more images from this shoot and Bobs review of the SaberStrips check out his blog.
Time Magazine shoot
The resulting image that Time Ran

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