Welcome to the Evolution of the Small Flash

While small flash (or “strobist”) photography benefits from being able to use many small light sources in an environment, you’ll invariably find yourself slave to soft box or umbrella type modifier systems. These modifiers may prove invaluable in many scenarios, however they can also limit your shooting style. The next level of small flash photography is a system that is portable, lightweight,and maintains beautiful light output.The SaberStripThe SaberStrip is a durable light modifier created for modern speed lights. Its body is built with military grade phenolic tube for unmatched weight and strength. The face of the strip is covered with racing grade, high-tension spinnaker cloth. SaberStrip’s ABS plastic base securely holds and protects your flash within the modifier (check for flash compatibility). Brass and stainless steel hardware keep the foundation of the SaberStrip firmly in place.

Utilizing the optics of your flash, the SaberStrip molds and shapes light output. The diffusion panel (2.25×29 inches), covers an internal reflector. SaberStrip channels and evenly distributes the light of the flash through its cylindrical shape. SaberStrip is built for a hot shoe adapter or a TTL cable to allow the use of wireless or wired triggering systems. This permits the use of Pocket Wizards, RadioPopper, CyberSync, Youngnuo, and others to fire the flash within the SaberStrip. SaberStrip’s ergonomic construction (4.5 inch diameter at base, 3.5 inch along tube) is light weight, enabling convenience and maneuverability.

Its narrow design makes this modifier easy to hide or use in small spaces. This property also allows for higher levels of wind resistance, making it possible to shoot in areas where an umbrella or soft box would flutter or fly away. Setting up and breaking down these modifiers is quick and painless. Grip type or hand held mounting alternatives give photographers a wider range of control and speed, providing photographers with greater freedom and mobility. The modular capabilities of the SaberStrip is part of the genesis of its design. Two strips can be stacked to create one long strip, or positioned in an L-shape. Each additional SaberStrip generously enlarges on the possibilities of its uses.

Striving to converge the ideas of mobility, versatility, and affordability into one product, we developed a light modifier that allows photographers to venture outside the constraints of more traditional lighting techniques. Because of the concepts built into its design, photographers will purchase the SaberStrip for one specific reason yet find themselves with many additional options. The SaberStrip is a multitasking tool that serves many functions.

Additional Accessories Required:

In order to use your SaberStrip light modifier you will need two things.
1. A hot shoe adapter or TTL extender cable is required to mount a speed light (not supplied) inside the SaberStrip. Most standard hot shoe adapters will work. Example of a hot shoe.2. A Radio Slave or trigger system with an available sync port couples to the hot shoe adapter. Wireless Triggers can be purchased separately from Radio Popper, Pocket Wizard, Elinchrom.

What about “Optical” or “Infra Red” Triggers. See FAQ’s

Compatibility Chart

The SaberStrip contains no electronics or proprietary connections. The only reason any small strobe wouldn’t work lies in its ability to fit inside. Here’s a chart to show you the ones we know about.

Flash Compatibility Chart

Nikon Canon
SB-900 Y 580 EX / EXII Y
SB-800 Y 550 EX N
SB-700 Y 530 EX / EX II Y
SB-600 Y 480 EX / EX II Y
SB-80 / 80dx Y 430 EXII AND 420EZ Y
SB-28 / 28dx Y 600 EX-RT Y
Metz Lumo Pro
58-f1 Y 120 Y
Vivitar 160 N
383 Y Yongnuo
Nissin YN-560
866 Y YN-460 Y
Norman YN-460II Y
400b N YN-467 Y
Quantum Q-FLash YN-468 Y
All Models N

We will continue to update this list as compatible flashes are confirmed.

Ready to order?

Price: $135.00 Store

Shipping Charges
USAUSA $15.00 (1-4 strips)
EUE.U. $40.00 (1 strip) add $10 for each additional strip up to 4)
CANCanada $30.00 (1 strip) add $10 for each additional strip up to 4)
AUSAustralia $43.45 (1 strip) add $10 for each additional strip up to 4)

The SaberStrip is designed to work with most modern Speedlite / Speedlight flashes.
Please check the compatibility list before ordering.