DEDPXL features SaberStrip!! inculded SaberStrip in a video review and demonstration of four modifiers that ZACK ARIAS has found useful… Zack Explains what the SaberStrip is and how it’s used, and then the SaberStrip Is put through some “tests”… I think you’ll … Continue reading

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Bob Croslin on SaberStrips

Tampa based editorial photographer, Bob Croslin got hold of some SaberStrips recently and managed to put them to use for a shoot he did of Vegan Black Metal Chef, a YouTube sensation, for the culture section of Time magazine.

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SaberStrip in Calgary

Saturday 8th October, 3.30pm While small flash or “Strobist” photography benefits from being able to use many small light sources in an environment, you’ll invariably find yourself slave to soft box or umbrella type modifier systems. These modifiers may prove … Continue reading

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Strobox Contest Results

Strobox contest winner In July we ran a contest in collaboration with and received over 100 entries. The criteria was simple: Shoot a Portrait Use a strobe Judging such a contest can be tricky, mostly because of the variety … Continue reading

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SaberStrip Giveaway

SaberStrip Giveaway If you weren’t lucky enough to win a SaberStrip in last months competition you now have another chance, and this time it’s even easier! Simply tweet the message you see in red below once! You can tweet it … Continue reading

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Win A SaberStrip!

Put your best flash forward and win a SaberStrip! For most of the month of July you have a chance to win your very own SaberStrip. In partnership with we will be running a contest and we want to … Continue reading

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Videos of SaberStrip in Action

Zack Arias and Jason Groupp aren’t afraid of a little competition. To prove it, they went head to head, and lucky for us they put together a video showdown. Zack brought along his SaberStrip, taking it to the streets for … Continue reading

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Wedding Work

I’ve been photographing weddings for many years, and throughout this time I’ve encountered numerous challenges. Many of them require staying on the move, maintaining good timing, and being hyper-prepared for varying degrees of circumstances. Packing the wrong lens, fumbling with … Continue reading

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First Steps

SaberStrip recently made its debut with some talented commercial photographers and a number of curious patrons at Photokina. Emails praising its unique functionality poured in, indicating to us these strip lights may be the next hot item in lighting modifiers. … Continue reading

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Even mild winds can cause major turbulence on your shoot, so what happens when you’re feeling fierce–when you’re ready to set up a killer, on location shot that’s been framed in your mind since you started this whole gig? Nothing … Continue reading

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