My camera system has CLS or ETTL wireless built in. Is it possible for me to use these with SaberStrips?

Using your external flash or popup flash to fire via CLS(Nikon) or ETTL(Canon) with the SaberStrips may work in some situations where the diffusion panel has a direct line of sight to the triggering flash. If the line of sight is impeded in any way, like hiding the flash around a wall or working at an odd angle or even distance then this system becomes unreliable.
As you grow more confident with flash lighting we think you will aspire to more workable solutions such as a wireless triggering system. If going wireless is not in your budget you can go wired with a TTL cable, or simply use a sync cord to fire the flash. The limitation in this case is distance. The SaberStrip is now tethered to your camera.

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