What can I do with a SaberStrip?


If you own a small strobe, you’ll probably know that getting if off the camera will give you much better results and added creativity. Placing that strobe inside a modifier to soften the light will dramatically improve any portraits you make.

If you already own a soft box, you can think of your SaberStrip as an alternative or an addition to your existing lighting options. With its slimline form the SaberStrip can be used in places where traditional soft boxes cannot go.

If you don’t own any modifiers, the SaberStrip may be the only one you’ll need.

Use the SaberStrip outside, indoors, hidden behind columns or furnaces, on tiny French balconies, or any number of places! You can clamp together two or more SaberStrips and create modular configurations, or use one SaberStrip to generate enough soft light output to beautifully illuminate your subject.
With multiple mounting alternatives and a wind-resistant shape, the creative possibilites are endless!