Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions you may have concerning the SaberStrip’s set up and functionality.
Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

General Questions

What are the dimensions of a SaberStrip?

Each SaberStrip is 39 inches long with a tube diameter of 3.25 inches. The base diameter is 4 inches. One SaberStrip weighs 1lb 2oz empty.

How do I mount the SaberStrip to a stand?

To mount the SaberStrips to a stand there is a 1/4-20 threaded brass insert on the base. This allows them to be attached to a light stand, stud or an umbrella adapter.

My flash isn’t listed on the compatibility sheet. Is it possible that mine will work with the SaberStrip?

Yes, it’s possible. There are many flashes on the market, and we will add to our compatibility list as new information becomes available. The SaberStrip is designed to accommodate most modern flashes. The SaberStrip was designed to be as efficient as possible and easy to hand hold, thus some larger flashes do not fit into its design.

How efficient is the SaberStrip in light output?

The SaberStrip puts out a half stop more light than a comparable 28” Westcott Apollo soft box.

I’ve seen multiple configurations of the SaberStrip on your site. How do I set these arrangements up?

While they are certainly not necessary, as the SaberStrip can be hand held, we have found many situations where, just like other light modifiers, some extra help can be useful. We use super clamps and umbrella adapters. Here are some parts we recommend.

Where can I get the additional accessories I may need?

There are so many options available to photographers these days. While SaberStrip does not endorse or partner with any particular manufacturer, and your particular needs will be based on your current system and budget, we know photographers have had success using equipment from the following dealers:- B+H, Flash Zebra, MPex, Pocket Wizard, Radio Popper.

Questions about Triggers

How is my flash fired with my wireless triggering system?

SaberStrip is built for a hot shoe adapter or a TTL cable to fire the flash via the wireless triggering system. This permits the use of Pocket Wizards, RadioPopper, CyberSync, Youngnuo, and others to fire the flash within the SaberStrip. Today’s typical wireless systems have 1/8″ mono or stereo connectors. Check actual connection types with your triggering system. Hot shoe adapters are manufacturer specific. Please be sure to order the correct type.

Here is an example of a hot shoe adapter.

I use the Young Nuo 602 flash triggers. Will they fit in the SaberStrip, or do I need a hot shoe adapter?

Yes, you do need to use a hot shoe adaptor with the Young Nuo 602. They typically ship with a sync cord with an 1/8″ male end. Most hot shoe adapters come with a male end as well. We recommend you buy one and get a female to female connector.

I have the new Pocket Wizard Mini Flex System, TT1 and TT5. Can I use it with the SaberStrip?

Yes. This will require use of a TTL cable.

Here is a cord that works for both Nikon and Canon – the Universal Duo TTL Off-Camera flash cord

Flash Zebra has TTL cables for Nikon, Canon, Minolta and Pentax here

The Universal Duo works great, but this particular cable has a very large hot shoe. It is usable by quickly removing 4 screws in order to inset into the base. You’ll need a cable with a 1/4-20 thread on the bottom. Most TTL cables have the right thread–this will allow you to quickly mount your speedlight in the SaberStrip and swiftly add and remove your Pocket Wizard receiver from the SaberStrip setup for use with another modifier.

I use RadioPoppers JrX to trigger and remotely control my flash power, can I use them with SaberStrips?

Yes, the RadioPopper JrX units work great with SaberStrips! If you are using the official RadioPopper “Cube“, you will need to use a right angle cable instead of the cable supplied by RadioPopper. The supplied cable will not fit inside the SaberStrip. Here is a right angle cable
If you are using RadioPoppers with Nikon flashes you can use one of the aftermarket adapters from Flash Zebra

We recommend that you dedicate a “Cube” or hot shoe for use with the SaberStrip, so you can quickly add and remove your flash and JrX from the SaberStrip.

I use RadioPoppers PX to trigger and remotely control my flash power, can I use them with SaberStrips?

The RadioPopper PX mounted to the side or front of your flash will not fit in the SaberStrip. But there are two work arounds to mount the PX units on the base of the SaberStrip… Michael Bass can provide a fiber optic, or IR solution. Depending on your work flow and shooting styles one of them might work best for you. Check them out here.
Fiber Optic Receiver
Wired Receiver

My camera system has CLS or ETTL wireless built in. Is it possible for me to use these with SaberStrips?

Using your external flash or popup flash to fire via CLS(Nikon) or ETTL(Canon) with the SaberStrips may work in some situations where the diffusion panel has a direct line of sight to the triggering flash. If the line of sight is impeded in any way, like hiding the flash around a wall or working at an odd angle or even distance then this system becomes unreliable.
As you grow more confident with flash lighting we think you will aspire to more workable solutions such as a wireless triggering system. If going wireless is not in your budget you can go wired with a TTL cable, or simply use a sync cord to fire the flash. The limitation in this case is distance. The SaberStrip is now tethered to your camera.